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Blue Robot allows brands to create and increase organic engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram using an innovative app.The app is the brainchild of entrepreneur and founder of Ad Dynamo, Sean Riley.

And a South African startup called Blue Robot has developed an app that uses chat bots and artificial intelligence to help businesses manage their social media without necessarily needing human intervention.

The free bot, created by Stanford student Joshua Browder, allows those affected by the Equifax breach to sue the company for up to ,000 (depending on the state).

As of this writing, the chatbot currently allows users to file in California and New York--with other states being added (according to the website) within 12 hours.

Riley said the platform increases engagement and delivers up to five times higher returns on investment to brands.

He added that the platform is also a benefit to small and medium enterprises.

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With upwards of 143 million Americans affected by the hacking, calling it a "massive data breach" still seems like an understatement.

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